Hong Kong Holidays, Festivals and Events 2018

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Hong Kong public holidays 2018 have been released, it’s time to make plan for the next year.

2018 Public Holidays Hong Kong

Festival Date Public
Lunar Date
New Year’s Day 01-Jan, Mon Y
Chinese New Year’s Day 16-Feb, Fri Y First Moon, Day 1
The second day of Lunar New Year 17-Feb, Sat Y First Moon, Day 2
Che Kung’s Birthday
The third day of Lunar New Year 18-Feb, Sun Y First Moon, Day 3
The fourth day of Lunar New Year 19-Feb, Mon Y First Moon, Day 4
Spring Lantern Festival / Yuen Siu 02-Mar, Fri N First Moon, Day 15
Hung Shing Festival 29-Mar, Thur N Second Moon, Day 13
Good Friday 30-Mar, Fri Y
The day following Good Friday 31-Mar, Sat Y
Easter Monday 02-Apr, Mon Y
Ching Ming Festival 05-Apr, Thur Y Third Moon
Labour Day 01-May, Tue Y
Birthday of Tin Hau 08-May, Tue N Third Moon, Day 23
Cheung Chau Bun Festival 19-May, Sat to
23-May, Wed
Fourth Moon,
Day 5–9
Birthday of Buddha 22-May, Tue Y Fourth Moon, Day 8
Birthday of Tam Kung
Dragon Boat Festival/ Tuen Ng 18-Jun, Mon Y Fifth Moon, Day 5
Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Establishment Day 01-Jul, Sun Y
The day following HKSAR Establishment Day 02-Jul, Mon Y
Birthday of Kwan Tai/ Martial God 05-Aug, Sun Y Sixth Moon, Day 24
Seven Sisters Festival / Tsat-je 17-Aug, Fri N Seventh Moon, Day 7
The Hungry Ghost Festival / Yue Lan 24-Aug, Fri N Seventh Moon,
Day 14-15
Mid-Autumn Festival / Moon Festival 24-Sep, Mon N Eighth Moon, Day 15
The day following Mid-Autumn Festival 25-Sep, Tue Y Eighth Moon, Day 16
Monkey King Festival
National Day 01-Oct, Mon Y
Birthday of Confucius/Teacher’s Day 06-Oct, Sat N Eighth Moon, Day 27
Chung Yeung Festival 17-Oct, Wed Y Ninth Moon, Day 9
Winter Solstice 22-Dec, Sat N
Christmas Day 25-Dec, Tue Y
Boxing Day 26-Dec, Wed Y

Which Hong Kong public holidays 2018 are your favorites? Please feel free to leave us comments or contact us if you have any questions.

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