Looking for Hong Kong things to do on weekends? Having Hong Kong holiday? Want to understand more about Hong Kong tourist attractions, food, culture and events? This blog will be dedicated to providing you with insiders’ guide and useful travel information!

I’m a Hong Konger who love travelling in Hong Kong, and also around the world! I once lived and worked in England, and have been to Europe, Thailand, Malaysia, South Korea, Mainland China, Taiwan and Macau etc.

I read a lot of information online when I do my travel planning. So I think that it would be good for me to do the other way round to help the others – write and share some travel information about Hong Kong.

Discovering exciting new places make us happy, revisiting lovely places recall our good memory. Join us now and start the journey!


I was inspired to build this site by my dear old colleagues in England, and I would like to say special thanks to them!

I live by doing freelance, please support me to run this blog by sharing, liking, visiting and subscribing it!

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