Victoria Park – the biggest park on Hong Kong Island

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Want to relax in a green space but do not have time to go to the countryside? Victoria Park Hong Kong can be your good choice. It is just a few steps away from the bustling shopping centre, Causeway Bay. Covering an area of about 19 hectares, Victoria Park is the largest park on Hong Kong Island and the second largest park in Hong Kong. Opened in 1957, the Park was named after Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom featuring the statue of Queen Victoria in the Park.

Queen Victoria statue in Victoria Park

At the main entrance of Victoria Park (the one facing Hong Kong Central Library on Causeway Road), you can find the Queen Victoria statue. It was casted in England to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Queen’s accession to the throne in 1887. The statue was originally placed in Statue Square in Central. During the Japanese occupation, it had been shipped to Japan and was ready to be melt as military material. However, Japan’s unconditional surrender prevented it happen. After World War II, Japan returned the statue to Hong Kong Government. It was later placed on a 7-foot-high pedestal in the newly built Victoria Park.

victoria park hk queen victoria statue

Victoria Park Events

Every year, a number of major events are held in the Park, including the Mid-Autumn Festival Carnival, Lunar New Year Flower Market, Hong Kong Flower Show and the Hong Kong Brands and Products Expo.

In addition, it is also the main venue for the City Forum, which is sponsored and broadcast to the public by Radio Television Hong Kong every Sunday; for public gatherings and demonstrations, such as the July 1 marches and the June 4 candlelight vigil.

Facilities in Victoria Park

Victoria Park has a variety of recreational facilities. There are tennis courts, a swimming pool, a bowling green and other free sports facilities such as basketball courts, football pitches, a handball cum-volleyball court, a roller skating rink, a pebble walking trail, a jogging track and fitness stations. It also features a central lawn, a music pavilion, a remote-controlled boat pool, a snack bar and children playgrounds.

The main tennis court with over 3600 seats is often used to host international tennis tournaments, such as the Davis Cup. The Victoria Park Swimming Pool was the first public swimming pool complex in Hong Kong when it first opened in 1957. It has recently been rebuilt as an indoor complex. Moreover, the Park underwent a 2-year revamp in 2000. Facilities were upgraded and over 5,500 trees were planted.

Looking for arts and crafts items, painting, photography and sketching services, head to the South Pavilion Plaza. Stalls are set up every Sunday and on Public Holidays from 10:00am to 6:00pm. (Arts Corner will be suspended when major events are being held in the Park.)

How to get to Victoria Park

You can get there by bus, tram or MTR.

Causeway Bay MTR Station, Exit E. Walk along Great George Street for 5-10 minutes to reach the park; Tin Hau MTR Station, Exit A2. Turn left and cross Hing Fat Street to reach the park.

Address: 1 Hing Fat Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Official Website:

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