How to Subscribe to our Travel Blog

Dear friends,

Interested in subscribing to Hong Kong Travel Blog| Hong Kong Travel Guide and wondering how to do so? Okay, no more hesitation. I’m going to show you step by step below:

Step 1: Find out the Subscription Area

It is located on the top right-handed corner of the webpage. I have made some screen shots below for your easy reference.

When you are on the Homepage, it looks like:

travel blog home page main pic

When you are reading a post, it looks like:

travel blog post

When you are reading a page, it looks like:

travel blog page

Step 2: Email Address and First Name

You just need to fill in your First Name and your email address. I’m sure every one of you have at least one email address. Simply fill in the one you’d like to receive our weekly update. Double check your details and then click the “Subscribe” button…

travel blog subscription

And you will see…

travel blog subscription process

Step 3: Confirmation Email

Please check the email you have just provided. You’ll receive an email from Hong Kong Travel Blog| Hong Kong Travel Guide which ask you to confirm the subscription. Simply click “Yes, subscribe me to this list”. MailChimp is the platform that I currently use to manage the subscription. Don’t worry, you’re not receiving emails from a stranger.

mailchimp subscription 1

Step 4: Confirm Humanity

Okay, two more clicks. Check the box next to “I’m not a robot”, it then becomes a “green tick”. Now you can click “Subscribe to list”.

travel blog subscription captcha

Step 5: Done

Your subscription is now confirmed and you will see this page. You can add us to your address book, manage your preferences or continue to our website. I’d recommend you to add us to your contact so as to avoid the weekly update email falling into your junk mail.

travel blog subscription confirm

So, what will you get after the subscription? Information about Hong Kong Travel will be delivered to your inbox automatically. You will receive an excerpt of my new post weekly. Just a few clicks and you can sit back and receive Hong Kong travel ideas every week. Thank you for reading this post, and, subscribe now!

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