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hong kong wetland park review

Hong Kong Wetland Park Background

Hong Kong Wetland Park is the first of its in kind Hong Kong. It is a blend of tourism, conservation and education. The park is a great place for tourists to experience and learn more about Hong Kong nature as showcases the diversity of Hong Kong’s wetland ecosystem. It is also a nice place for a great day out with friends and family.

Hong Kong Wetland Park is located in the north-west of the New Territories, near Tin Shui Wai. It is an ecological mitigation area (EMA) for the wetlands lost due to the Tin Shui Wai New Town development project.

Date back to 1998, the Agriculture and Fisheries Department (now AFCD) and the Hong Kong Tourist Association (now the Hong Kong Tourism Board) did a research. The Hong Kong Wetland Park could work as a buffer for the Mai Po Nature Reserve. They finally decided to turn the land into Hong Kong’s first eco-tourism project, namely the Hong Kong Wetland Park. The construction of the Wetland Park costed about HK$ 500 million and was opened to the public on 20 May 2006.

Hong Kong Wetland Park Review

The 61-hectare Wetland Park comprises of two parts: the Wetland Reserve of 60 hectares (150-acre), and the Wetland Interactive World, a visitor centre of 10,000 square metres (110,000 sq. ft.).

The Wetland Interactive World has five exhibition galleries which let you understand different aspects of wetlands:

1) What are Wetlands? – an overview on the functions and the importance of wetlands to wildlife.

2) Living Wetlands – the introduction of wetlands in Northern tundra, Tropical swamps and in Hong Kong.

3) Human Culture: explains the relationship between wetlands and human-being

4) Wetlands Challenge – let you understand the global threat of wetlands through interactive games.

5) Viewing Gallery – provide the best view of Hong Kong Wetland Park, also an indoor place for bird-watching.

There are also a theatre for film showing and an indoor play area for kids.

Hong Kong Wetland Park Animals and Outdoor Walks

The Wetland Reserve gives you closer access to the habitats and wildlife. The Reserve is organized into six areas:

1) Steam Walk – showcases a model of stream habitat in Hong Kong.

2) Succession Walk – demonstrates how an open water turns into a wet woodland.

3) Mangrove Broad Walk – the floating bridge rises and falls as the tides comes and goes. You can find fiddler crabs and mudskippers here.

4) Bird Hides – let you observe birds at the riverside, fishponds and mudflat. The Park has recorded over 200 species.

5) Wildside Walk – you can find woodland, grassland, seasonal ponds and reed bed here.

6) Butterfly Garden – a great place to observe butterflies

Actually, at the entrance of this outdoor walk, you will first see Pui Pui’s Home. Pui Pui is a female saltwater crocodile. She has become a local celebrity since its first appearance at Shan Pui River, Yuen Long in 2003. She has moved permanently to the Hong Kong Wetland Park in 2006. Nobody knows where Pui Pui came from as crocodile is not common in Hong Kong. It is estimated that the rare species was a runaway pet of illegal imports. Some people think that Pui Pui was abandoned by its owner due to its growing shape. Anyway, don’t forget to say hello to her when you drop by.

Best time to visit Hong Kong Wetland Park

The best time to visit the Park would be from autumn to spring. It is because migratory birds which breed in northern China, Mongolia and Siberia fly a long distance to their wintering grounds in Southeast Asia and Australasia every year. Hong Kong Wetland Park and the nearby Mai Po Inner Deep Bay wetlands act as important stop-over sites, which provide migratory birds with shelters and food.


  • Join the Bird Watching Festival organized by the Park every year from November to March/ April. A series of activities would be launched.
  • You may need a pair of binoculars for bird watching, maybe a pair for kids as well.
  • Don’t miss the ecological guided tours. They are led by trained volunteers during Saturdays, Sundays and Hong Kong public holidays.
  • Take your cap, sunglasses and sun lotion. Wear clothes in long sleeves so as to avoid mosquitoes and bugs.
  • Don’t wear bright color in order to avoid stressing birds and other wildlife.
  • Make sure you bring enough water as it may take you half day to whole day to walk around the whole park.
  • There is a fast food restaurant and a souvenir shop for you to rest and shop.
Hong Kong Wetland Park Entrance Fee

Adult Ticket: HK $ 30, Concessionary Ticket: HK $15, you can also apply for the Multi-entry Passes.

How to get to Wetland Park Hong Kong
  • Take the MTR West Rail to Tin Shui Wai Station. Change to 705 or 706 Light Rail and get off at Wetland Park Station. Walk for 5 minutes to get there.
  • From Hong Kong Island: Take the Bus 967 from MTR Admiralty Station Exit B to Wetland Park. Walk for 5 minutes to get there.
  • From New Territories East: Take the Bus 276B from MTR Sheung Shui Station Exit C to Wetland Park. Walk for 5 minutes to get there.

Address: Hong Kong Wetland Park, Wetland Park Road, Tin Shui Wai, New Territories, Hong Kong

Opening Hours: 10:00am – 5:00pm (Ticket selling: 9:30am – 4:00pm); Tuesdays is closed (except Public Holidays)

Official website of Hong Kong Wetland Park: https://www.wetlandpark.gov.hk/en

What are your favourite scenic spots and animals in the Park? Feel free to share with us.

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