Man Mo Temple Tai Po

man mo temple tai po

Man Mo Temple Tai Po

Man Mo Temple Tai Po, also known as Man Mo Yi Tai Temple is a typical Chinese temple located in Fu Shin Street, Tai Po, New Territories East, Hong Kong. It was built in the 1890s by the Tsat Yeuk Community to mark the establishment of Tai Wo Market Town, which is now known as Tai Po Market. Man Mo Temple was the administrative, religious, economic and cultural centre of Tai Wo villagers. The Temple is a tourist attraction in Tai Po at present.

Instead of being a township office, Man Mo Temple also served as an arbitration center to settle disputes among the villagers. Inside the temple, there was a public scale which symbolize fair trade. Until 1954, a new township office was completed. The temple has become solely a religious center to worship the Literature God (Man Tai/ Man Cheong) and the Martial God (Mo Tai/ Kwan Tai) since then.

In 1984, the Government listed the Temple as a declared monument of Hong Kong. It is the first building in the New Territories protected by the Antiquities and Monuments Ordinance. The Government subsidized the Tsat Yeuk Rural Committee to rebuild the temple. The original images of the Literature God (Man Tai) and the Martial God (Mo Tai) carved on wooden plaques were replaced by statues. Inside the temple. You can find Man Tai in a robe holding a writing brush on the right, and Mo Tai in armor holding a sword on the left. The renovated temple looks refreshing and outstanding. The restoration of the temple not only makes it refreshing and outstanding, but also sharpens its image as a traditional Chinese architecture.

Opening hours and how to get there

Man Mo Temple opens daily from 9 am to 6 pm. The admission is free.

  • MTR Tai Wo Station – East Rail Line: Walk pass Tai Wo Estate to Po Nga Road, take the first bridge to cross the Lam Tsuen River and arrive at Pak Shing Street. Turn right to Yan Hing Street and then turn left to Fu Shin Street. It takes 10-15 mins walk.

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