Disney Halloween Hong Kong for kids and for all

Disney Halloween Hong Kong

Making plans for the Halloween, how about joining Disney Halloween Hong Kong? Disney’s Haunted Halloween is held at Hong Kong Disneyland. The activity in Chinese is called “Disney’s Dark World”. Like the Halloween Fest in Ocean Park Hong Kong, Disney also has two different themes in the daytime and in the nighttime respectively. The one in the daytime is more suitable for family with kids. Children can put on Disney Halloween costumes and take pictures with Disney’s friends. The one in the nighttime is scarier. Here are some highlights:

disney halloween hong kong

Disney’s Haunted Halloween

This year, Disney Halloween Hong Kong has launched a new theme called “Lost in the Ghost Town”. At night, the Grizzly Gulch, Mystic Point and the Adventure World are changed into a Ghost Town! Under the green moonlight, vampires and ghosts may suddenly appear. Get ready for haunting surprises, but don’t lost your soul!

The Haunting of Grizzly Gulch

The green mist has spread around Grizzly Gulch…Once upon a time, when the Grizzly Gulch just born, the Cowboys and Miners were first to arrive. Originally, they lived in peace until they stumbled upon a strange fountain together. They drank the green spring water, possessed the same and killed each other… none of them survived…The green spring has become active again, Cowboys and Miners are back to life and continue their unfinished battle. Remember to run away before the explosion of the fountain, otherwise…

Ghosts Rising     

After a wander in the Haunting Grizzly Gulch, “take a break” at the Ghosts Rising Theatre. A mysterious train driver pours out to you the gratitude and grudges of the Cowboys and Miners. Be careful! Just when you listen attentively, the Battle of Cowboys and Miners may outbreak at any time.

Mystic Point – Cycle of the Spirits

The green mist has invaded the Mystic Point. Ghosts are everywhere in the Mystic Manor. They are seemingly approachable, but in fact they are to deceive curious and innocent visitors. Rumors said that in order to rein these ghosts, only the mystery man with a green symbol can do so. He has a timer

Curse of the Emerald Trinity

The Jungle River Cruise in the Adventureland has been affected by “the Curse of the Emerald Trinity”. The pilot of the expedition ship takes you deep the river adventure. Can you find the mysterious curse magic green stone hidden in the jungle together with the pilot?

* Performed in Cantonese

Tips for family with kids: If you do not want to be too frightened, you can choose to play the rides at night and watch the firework.

Disney Halloween Costumes

Imagine if you are in the Disneyland now, what do you want to see when you enter the Theme Park? I bet you want to meet Disney’s friends. Don’t miss the chance to take photos with Mickey, Minnie, Duffy, ShellieMay and others in Disney Halloween costumes. Take photos with them immediately so as to avoid long queues.

Disney Halloween Hong Kong has prepared a series of Disney’s Haunted Halloween souvenirs. You won’t be disappointed and you will love them at the first sight. The Halloween theme Disney Tsum Tsum, the “Nightmare Before Christmas” series, as well as Mickey and the Disney’s friends can make you extremely excited! Disney bears, Duffy and ShellieMay, even join the Disney’s Halloween merchandise for the first time. Pick one for yourselves!

Disney Halloween Food

The whole Park is ready for a variety of Halloween themed cuisine. The “Sparkling Marshmallow” with a layer of pumpkin candy wrapper on the candy is recommended, children will enjoy eating that. Treat yourself with the “Tahitian Pumpkin Surprise Set” at Tahitian Terrace, “Tandoori Chicken Stick” at the Lucky Nugget Salon, or taste the devilish “Coca-Cola Halloween Special Set Menu” at Main Street Corner Café. More tasty cuisines are waiting for you at Hong Kong Disneyland Hotels, like the “Jack’s Shrimp Dumplings” at Crystal Lotus and the “Halloween Afternoon Tea Set” at Walt’s Café.

Disney’s Haunted Halloween

September 13 – October 31, 2018

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