Meteor Shower Hong Kong 2017

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Every year when you look up to the sky in Hong Kong at the right moment, you can see one of the most exciting astronomical events, the glittery meteor shower. It is “believed” that when you make a wish during the meteor shower, your dream will come true. Believe it or not, you have some more chances to go stargazing in Hong Kong in the second half of this year. Get ready to share it with your love ones and make a date.

Meteor Shower Hong Kong 2017

  1. Southern Aquariids – July

Suggested Observation Period: 30/7 (Sun.) 21:00 – 31/7 (Mon.) 5:00

Local Observation Condition: Favourable

Zenith Hour Rate (ZHR): 25


  1. Perseids – August

Suggested Observation Period: 12/8 (Sat.) 21:30 – 13/8 (Sun.) 5:00

Local Observation Condition: Unfavourable

Zenith Hour Rate (ZHR): 150


  1. Orionids – October

Suggested Observation Period: 21/10 (Sat.) 22:30 – 22/10 (Sun.) 5:30

Local Observation Condition: Favourable

Zenith Hour Rate (ZHR): 20


  1. Leonids – November

Suggested Observation Period: 18/11 (Sat.) 0:00 – 5:30

Local Observation Condition: Favourable

Zenith Hour Rate (ZHR): 10


  1. Geminids – December

Suggested Observation Period: 13/12 (Wed.) 19:30 – 14/12 (Thur.) 6:00;

14/12 (Thur.) 19:30 – 15/12 (Fri.) 6:00

Local Observation Condition: Excellent

Zenith Hour Rate (ZHR): 120


The good thing is that you don’t need to use any instrument or telescope to enjoy the meteor shower; another thing is that you have to go to the suburb or somewhere with little or no light pollution.

For tips and where to see stars in Hong Kong, check my earlier post here. For more information from Hong Kong Space Museum, click here.

Hope you enjoy Meteor Shower Hong Kong 2017. Please feel free to leave us comments or contact us if you have any questions.

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