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Hong Kong weather introduction

Today, I’m going to introduce a topic which concerns nearly every one of you, no matter you are planning to visit Hong Kong or already in Hong Kong, it is Hong Kong weather. Many of you are interested in weather forecast Hong Kong and Hong Kong weather today. Some of you may know that summer is nice and hot in Hong Kong, while winter is mild as it normally does not snow. This post will bring you a little bit further.

Temperature in Hong Kong on average

The annual average temperature in Hong Kong is around 23° C. It can reach as high as 35° C in summer and drop to 0° C in winter.

Hong Kong Climate by month and by season

Hong Kong’s climate is subtropical and is affected by two monsoons. The northeast monsoon brings cool dry winters, while the southwest monsoon brings hot wet summers. I will use my real feel to introduce Hong Kong climate and Hong Kong temperature to you. The following content will be based on the “real feel” Hong Kong four seasons. The actual four seasons may vary slightly from year to year.

Hong Kong Four Seasons – Real Feel Hong Kong Four Seasons
Winter: December, January, February Winter: December, January, February
Spring: March April Spring: March April, May
Summer: May, June, July, August Summer: June, July, August
Autumn: September, October, November Autumn: September, October, November

In Winter (December, January, February), the weather in Hong Kong is usually dry and cool, sometimes quite cold. It is often sunnier in November and December, while it is cloudier in January and February. Although it is a rare case for Hong Kong to snow, I bet you can feel “cold” if you stay here from summer to winter. In Hong Kong, the temperature generally falls from 30°C in summers to 10°C in winters. The temperature difference is 20°C, which is quite significant. It is similar to other snowy countries with a drop in temperature from 18°C in summers to -2°C in winters. Sometimes, the temperature in Hong Kong can decrease to below 10°C in urban areas. It can be even lower in the New Territories and rural areas. Normally, it is around 15°C which is quite pleasant. However, influenced by climate changes, the temperature sometimes rises to 25°C in the winter.

In Spring (March and April), the weather in Hong Kong is generally good. It is getting warm, but it can be quite humid and foggy. Fog and drizzle sometimes reduce visibility and may even interrupt aviation and ferry service. If you are planning to travel around Hong Kong in Easter, be prepared for drizzle. But hey, there are possibilities of having sunny days.

weather in hong kong observatory

In Summer (May, June, July, August), weather hk is quite hot and humid as the humidity and the temperature in Hong Kong are quite high, which are around 80% and 28 °C respectively. It is usually over 30°C in daytime. You may want to check the UV index here. Thunderstorms are common in July and August. Tropical cyclones may affected Hong Kong between May and November, but mainly between July and September. Thanks to the Hong Kong Weather Observatory, we have got well-organized Tropical Cyclone Warning System and Signals. Tropical Cyclones are numbered as 1, 3, 8, 9 or 10. When the Typhoon Signal 8 comes into effect, it is taken very serious as offices and schools are closed. All the public transport including MTR, bus, minibus, taxi and ferry will be fully suspended within 1 – 2 hours. Flooding and landslides may occur. To learn more about Hong Kong Tropical Cyclone, click here.

In Autumn (September, October, November), the weather is quite pleasant as it is relatively not very hot nor humid. It can be quite cool in the morning, at night and on cloudy days. There is less rainfall as well.

Tips on clothing:

I recommend you to bring along a lightweight jacket in autumn, spring and even in summer. It is because we always use air conditioning systems to keep the room temperature at around 18°C to 22°C. It applies in offices, schools, shopping malls, restaurants, cinemas and public transport etc. It’s nearly everywhere! Again, the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor is quite significant, e.g. drop by 10°C from 32°C to 22°C in summer. So, be prepared. In winter, warmer clothes are suggested.

Useful links:

Hong Kong weather today: http://www.weather.gov.hk/wxinfo/currwx/current.htm

Weather forecast Hong Kong: http://www.weather.gov.hk/wxinfo/currwx/flw.htm

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