Hong Kong Chinese New Year 2017

chinese new year hong kong 2017

Come to celebrate Hong Kong Chinese New Year 2017. It is always a good time to visit Hong Kong during the Chinese New Year holidays. You can soak yourself in traditional Chinese culture in many stylish ways. You can enjoy the parade, firework, lion dances and more. We have gathered a list of what you can see and do in Chinese New Year Hong Kong 2017. Please see below:

1) Chinese New Year Night Parade

2) Lunar New Year Fireworks Display

3) Lunar New Year Fairs

4) Hong Kong Well-Wishing Festival

5) Temples Visiting

6) Chinese New Year Horseraces

7) Cantonese Opera performances

8) Chinese Lantern Carnival

Happy New Year of the Rooster 2017! Hope you enjoy Chinese New Year 2017 Hong Kong Celebrations.

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