Tsim Sha Tsui Shopping Paradise in Hong Kong

tsim sha tsui shopping silvercord mall

Tsim Sha Tsui Shopping

Tsim Sha Tsui is located at the southern tip of Kowloon Peninsula, facing Victoria Harbour and Hong Kong Island. It is a hub for tourism, shopping, dining, commercial, arts, entertainment and nightlife in Hong Kong. Both locals and foreigners perceive it as fashionable to do some activities there. This post will tell you more about shopping in Tsim Sha Tsui as it is a real shopping paradise in Hong Kong. Not sure where to go shopping in Hong Kong or where to start? Let’s have a look at the 12 major shopping malls and streets in Tsim Sha Tsui together.

Shopping areas in Tsim Sha Tsui are actually located along two major roads, Nathan Road and Canton Road:

Shopping along Canton Road

Harbour City, Ocean Terminal and Ocean Centre – http://www.harbourcity.com.hk/en/

shopping in hong kong harbour city

It is Hong Kong’s largest shopping mall which stretches from Star Ferry Pier to China Hong Kong City (see below). This tourist hotspot includes about 700 retail stores, 2 cinemas, 50 restaurants, 3 hotels, a serviced apartment, a private club (Pacific Club) and more than 2,000 parking spaces. Harbour City is a large building complex which made up of four buildings, namely the Ocean Terminal, Marco Polo Hong Kong Hotel, Ocean Center and Gateway Tower. The oldest part of the Ocean Terminal with a cruise terminal was completed in 1966, while the entire complex was formed in the 1980s.

1881 Heritage – https://www.1881heritage.com/

shopping in tsim sha tsui 1881 heritage

Opened in 2009, 1881 Heritage was converted from the Victorian style Marine Police Headquarters Compound (1881-1996). The site is now home to over 20 world-class luxury brands, a few restaurants and a boutique hotel. To shop there or not, it’d be nice to have a walk around this declared monument at the junction of Canton Road and Salisbury Road (right opposite to Hong Kong Cultural Centre).

Silvercord – http://www.silvercord.hk/eng/index.php

Silvercord is a shopping mall and office tower complex located at the junction of Canton Road and Haiphong Road, which is just a few steps from Tsim Sha Tsui MTR Station. There is a footbridge linking Silvercord and Harbour City as well. The 2/F is dedicated for female fashions while the 3/F is for restaurants. There you can find the Michelin starred Din Tai Fung restaurant. A food court and an amusement game center can be found in the basement. While luxury brands are on the G/F and 1/F, the mall is also well known for streetwear brands.

China Hong Kong City – http://www.chkc.com.hk/eng/

china hong kong city

Located at Canton Road, it is a shopping, hotel, office and transport complex with a cross-boundary ferry terminal: China Ferry Terminal. Inaugurated in 1988, it is a famous outlet in town with its unique golden curtain walls. It is nearby the Gateway of Harbour City.

Shopping along Nathan Road

iSQUARE – http://www.isquare.hk/

isquare escalators

iSQUARE is located at the junction of Nathan Road and Beijing Road, on the former site of the Hyatt Regency Hotel. Opened in 2009, it is the first shopping mall in Tsim Sha Tsui connected directly to the MTR station. Flagship stores of international brands, mainly watches, jewelry and cosmetics, etc. occupy the shops on the street. Fashions, shoes and handbags shops can be found on lower levels. There are 5 mini-theatres providing about 1,000 seats. Among the 30 restaurants, some of them offer stunning views of Victoria harbour. The 31-storey mall also features an LED screen playing different types of animation at the Peking Road entrance. Its exterior wall comprises of more than 4,000 toughened glass and special components which is the first of its kind in Hong Kong; the interior of it has 43 escalators connecting different levels.

K11 Art Mall – https://hk.k11.com/

k11 art mall

K11 is a new shopping mall located at Hanoi Road near Nathan Road connceting to MTR station Exit N. Also opened in 2009, the 6-storey mall was built in the complex of hotel and apartment. The G/F is full of luxury brands, a covered square and a large LED TV. L1 to L3 houses various chain stores; B2 sells female fashions, shoes and cosmetics; B1 is mainly daily necessities stores. Pieces of art and restaurants can be found on nearly every floor. The venue also have some exhibitions showcasing local artists’ works. Exhibits are replaced every three months. Claimed to be the world’s first art mall, K11 emphasizes on the integration of art, humanities, natural, and attempt to develop into Soho in New York City.

The ONE – https://www.the-one.hk/en/index.asp

the one mall

Opened in 2010, the ONE is the tallest shopping mall in Hong Kong that built on the site of the former Tung Ying building. It is located at the junction of Nathan Road, Carnarvon Road and Granville Road. LG1 – LG2 are high-end supermarkets, G/F-UG2 are international fashions and cosmetics, L1-L3 are fashions, L4-L5 are restaurants, L6-L11 are household products, L12-L13 are gorgeous restaurants, L16 is the sky garden, L17-L21 are sky restaurants. One thing to note is that the mall was designed in a vertical way, which is a bit different from the majority of malls.

Chungking Mansions – http://www.chungkingmansions.com.hk/home.htm#&panel1-1

chungking mansion

You may have heard of Chungking Mansions as a paradise for backpackers. Located at the busy Nathan Road, these 17-storey mansions consist of 5 buildings and bring together businessmen, labours and asylum-seekers from Asian and African countries, as well as worldwide backpackers. It is the epitome of globalization and some people refer it as the “Kowloon Walled City of ethnic minorities in Hong Kong”. There are many busineseses includes cell phone and sim card, foreign exchange, curry restaurants, sari clothing, groceries and more. the lower levels are dvided into selling Chinese goods, specialty foods and crafts of South Asia and Africa. There are over 90 low-cost guesthouses and 20-30 restaurants on or above the 3/F. Cke Shopping Mall and WK Square are part of the Chungking Mansions but the styles are very different. Both malls are not linked to the above mentioned main shopping area. WK Square is Hong Kong’s first sports–themed shopping mall, while Cke Shopping Mall focuses on beauty.

Sogo Department Store  https://www.sogo.com.hk/tst/en/home/index.php

sogo tsim sha tsui

Sogo is a popular department store in Hong Kong. Its Tsim Sha Tsui branch was first opened in 2005. In 2014, the store moved opposite to a hotel. It has 4 levels selling cosmetics, designer handbags and accessories, sportswear and clothing for men and women. Its supermarket was opened in 2015.

Miramar Shopping Centre and Miramall – https://www.miraplace.com.hk/

miramar shopping centre

Miramar Shopping Centre is located at Nathan Road. This shopping and office complex was completed in 1996 and was renovated in 2008. The mall is home to over 100 upscale lifestyle stores and nearly 40 restaurants and cafes. Lower levels are luxury and international brands while 4/F-6/F are restaurants, including Michelin starred and recommended eateries.

Park Lane Shopper’s Boulevard

Park Lane Shopper’s Boulevard, or the Park Lane is a shopping street located at Nathan Road, on the eastern side of Kowloon Park. The northern end is St. Andrew’s Church and a police station, while the southern end is Kowloon Mosque and Islamic Centre and the MTR station exit A1. The 300-meter shopping street was completed in 1986 with over 50 shops, mainly local and international clothing chain stores. The pedestrian street is very wide with lots of trees retained. The rooftop garden of Park Lane is a public space connecting to Kowloon Park.

Graniville Road

Named after the Colonial Secretary, Earl Granville, it is located at the east of Nathan Road near the ONE, across Chatham Road South, and to the west of Science Museum Road, near New East Ocean Centre. Located in old Tsim Sha Tsui, Granville Road is famous for clothing. At present, there are about 30 retail stores selling clothes, cosmetic and shoes.

For your reference, Elements is located at Austin Road West, above Kowloon Station, within the Union Square and under International Commerce Centre (ICC). This large shopping mall is technically not located in Tsim Sha Tsui.

For more details about Shopping in Hong Kong, you may visit this site.


Tsim Sha Tsui literally means Sharp Sand Mouth in Chinese. Many foreigners find it hard to pronounce it accurately. If that is the case, one can try to say Jim Sa Joy or simply its common abbreviation TST. Almost all Hong Kong people, especially the younger generations understand it.

Learnt enough about Tsim Sha Tsui Shopping, it’s time to go hunting! Please feel free to write some comments and contact us if you have any questions.

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