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Big Buddha Hong Kong, is it worth visiting?

Big Buddha Hong Kong, also known as the Tian Tan Buddha, is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Hong Kong. It is located at Ngong Ping, Lantau Island, Hong Kong, adjacent to Po Lin Monastery, near to the Hong Kong International Airport and Hong Kong Disneyland. Established in 1993, it is the world’s second largest outdoor seated bronze Buddha. It has been connected by Ngong Ping 360 or Ngong Ping Cable Car since 2006.

People have different opinions about visiting the Big Buddha. Going there by bus or by cable car? Where to have lunch? Well, it’d be better for you to get some tips before going here. I have collected 12 posts from different travelers who visited there in the last couples of years below. You may also want to check my comments at the bottom.

Female travelers to Big Buddha

  1. Dangerous businessA Dangerous Business Travel Blog, https://www.dangerous-business.com/2014/02/lantau-island-green-escape-hong-kong/

Amanda visited Hong Kong Big Buddha by cable car, she walked on the Wisdom Path and took many nice pictures. She went there on a lovely a sunny day with a blue sky and white clouds.

  1. lacarminaLa Carmina, http://www.lacarmina.com/blog/2014/12/hong-kong-buddha-statue-tian-tan-lantau/

La Carmina took the glass bottom cable car, a Crystal Cabin and walked through the Ngong Ping Village. She went there in style, played with some cows and saw the sunset.

  1. worldofwanderlustWorld of Wanderlust, http://www.worldofwanderlust.com/iconic-hong-kong-20-things-must-hong-kong/

Brooke travelled to the Giant Buddha Hong Kong in a “Crystal” cable car and visited the nearby Tai O fishing village. She lists it as a must do in Hong Kong.

  1. little kooThe Little Koo Blog, https://littlekoo.wordpress.com/tag/big-buddha/

Rachel took the cable car and made some comments about the Ngong Ping Village, lunch options and the nearby attractions.

Male travelers to Tian Tan Buddha

  1. solobackpackerSolo backpacker, http://www.solobackpacker.com/2012/12/02/visit-to-big-buddha-statue-at-lantau-island-in-hong-kong/

Solo backpacker went to the Lantau Island Buddha by bus. He wrote an easy to follow step by step guide and took many nice photos of the Buddha. He also commented about the areas nearby like the Citygate Shopping Mall and the Wisdom Path.

  1. nomadicsamuelNomadic Samuel, http://nomadicsamuel.com/photo-blog/tian-tan-buddha-lantau-hong-kong

Sam visited there in winter and said, “the Tian Tan Buddha (Big Buddha) was shrouded in mist giving it an almost spiritual kind of overtone”.

Couples to Hong Kong Big Buddha

  1. travel9to5Travelling 9 to 5, http://www.traveling9to5.com/2012/01/how-to-visit-the-big-buddha-hong-kong/

Caroline and Josh took the bus to get there. She challenged the Lantau Peak (Fung Wong Shan), the second highest peak in Hong Kong. They also enjoyed some tasty Hong Kong street food there.

  1. mitzieMitzie Mee Blog, https://www.mitziemee.com/hong-kong-ngong-ping-cable-car-big-buddha/

Mitzie and Poul chose the cable car. Mitzie had some opinions about the cable car queue and the souvenirs.

  1. eatandtravelwithusEat and Travel with us, https://www.eatandtravelwithus.com/2014/01/tian-tan-big-buddha-statue/

Raevian and Evan took the glass bottom cable car. Evan made some comments about the village and the surrounding areas.

  1. cruising coupleA cruising couple, https://acruisingcouple.com/2013/06/lantau-island-hong-kong-is-the-big-buddha-worth-it/

Casey and Dan went there by bus. Casey wrote a detailed guide about their visit on Buddha’s Birthday.

Kids to Giant Buddha Hong Kong
  1. mumonthemoveMum on the Move, https://www.mumonthemove.com/visiting-the-big-buddha-in-hong-kong/

Marianne and her family rode the gondola. They visited Ngong Ping Village, Po Lin Monastery and Tai O Village.

  1. lajollamomLaJollaMom, https://lajollamom.com/big-buddha-po-lin-monastery/

Katie and her daughter travelled by the “Crystal Cabin”. They had vegetarian lunch at the Po Lin Monastery with photos. She shared a comprehensive luxury travel guide and tips for visiting with kids.

My advice on Lantau Island Buddha

In my opinion, though you need to spend at least half day there including the time of visit and transport, it is worth visiting! As suggested here, travelling is good for your health anyway. You can even have a day trip on Lantau Island by travelling to the surrounding areas, like Tai O fishing village, beaches on South Lantau, Tung Chung Fort, hiking Lantau Trail and shopping at Tung Chung Citygate Outlets.

It would be the best to visit the Big Buddha on a sunny day. Many people have mentioned that it is too foggy there. Yes, the Buddha is located on a mountain area on an island, so it is easy to become foggy. Also, it is cooler and windier than in town centre, even in the summer. It is wise for you to check the Hong Kong weather, the websites of Ngong Ping 360 and Po Lin Monastery before heading off. . For discounted Ngong Ping 360 tickets, click here. I hope you will enjoy the trip.

Any comments, experience about Big Buddha Hong Kong? Feel free to share with us!

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