South Island Line Travel Guide – secret tourist attractions in Wong Chuk Hang and Ap Lei Chau

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MTR South Island Line is set to be opened on 28 December 2016, it is more convenient to access to the Southern District of Hong Kong. The South Island Line consists of four stations, which are Ocean Park, Wong Chuk Hang, Lei Tung and South Horizons. South Island Line connects the Island Line with the Admiralty station. Most of us are very familiar with Ocean Park, are there any other exciting attractions along the South Island Line? Let’s have a look.

MTR South Island Line Travel Guide

  1. Ocean Park MTR Station – Theme Park and Secret Rock Carvings

Ocean Park Station has three exits, those who want to visit Ocean Park please go to Exit B. For those who love cultural heritage, you may want to visit some hidden gems – Rock Carvings at Wong Chuk Hang, declared monuments of Hong Kong. They are located by the side of a stream course. To get there, just go to Wong Chuk Hang Road via Exit C, then proceed to Nam Fung Road, walk pass HKUGA College and then follow signs and walk up some steps to the Rock Carvings.

To explore other parts of the Southern District of Hong Kong Island, for example, visiting Repulse Bay and Stanley Market, you can take Bus 6A or 260 outside Wong Chuk Hang San Wai at Wong Chuk Hang Road via Exit C.

  1. Wong Chuk Hang MTR Station – Sunset at Nam Long Shan, Arts and Cafes

Wong Chuk Hang Chinese name means “Yellow Bamboo Ditch”. I believe that there used to be many yellow bamboos. Nowadays, it is mainly a light industrial and residential area with some newly opened studios and cafes. With the opening of this new MTR line, the area is set to be different. Please see below for more details. At present, the footbridge of Exit B connects the area and a Cooked Food Market at Nam Long Shan Road, while Exit C, above the MTR depot, is reserved for future use . There is a Tai Wong Ye Temple next to the Market.

Want to get closer to the nature and see something special? Brick Hill or Nam Long Shan is a good choice for you. Follow the Nam Long Shan Road to the Bus Terminus, pass it and walk for about 10 to 15 minutes to reach Wong Chuk Hang Service Reservoir Rest Garden. Then, follow a jogging track and walk up the steps for about 45 minutes to reach the parking apron on top of the hill. You may also stop halfway at Nam Long Pavilion. Now, enjoy the panoramic view of Deep Bay, Ocean Park, Aberdeen Typhoon Shelter, as far as Ap Lei Pai and Lamma Island. Don’t miss the intoxicating sunset, but do take your time to get downhill.

Feeling hungry or hoping to stroll along the beach, go to Exit A and find the transport that you need along Heung Yip Road. You may take Bus 973 or Minibus 52 to reach Repulse Bay and Stanley Market.

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  1. Lei Tung MTR Station – Ap Lei Chau Street Food, Temples, Hill and Boat to Aberdeen

Lei Tung Station is the first MTR station on Aberdeen Island, or commonly known as Ap Lei Chau, which literally means “Duck Tongue Island”, one of the three most populous islands in the world. There are two old temples and some nice parks along the waterfront which can be reached via Exit A. Some delicious Hong Kong Street Food can also be found there.

Hung Shing Temple is located near Ap Lei Chau Waterfront Promenade, while Kwun Yum Temple is next to Ap Lei Chau Wind Tower Park. On the opposite side of the harbour is the centre of Aberdeen. The little boat/ Kaito to Aberdeen can be taken at the pier between the two parks. When you arrive at Aberdeen, you can take another boat to enjoy some seafood at the famous Jumbo Floating Restaurant.

Want to challenge yourself and climb another hill, Yuk Kwai Shan or Mount Johnston is the right place for you. Just take MTR Exit B to reach Lei Tung Commercial Centre, go to the back of it and follow paths to Ap Lei Chau Service Reservoir Playground. Then, follow the jogging track and walk up the steps to Yuk Kwai Shan. It takes about 30 minutes to get to the hilltop. You may get down to Ap Lei Pai, the “Duck Tongue”, via a tombolo. Learn more about this route here.

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  1. South Horizons MTR Station – Shopping Centres and Seaview

South Horizons is a large-scale private housing estate in Hong Kong. Marina Square Centres and an outlet is located there. Take Exit B and enjoy the views of Aberdeen Harbour and Lamma Island.

More about the past and the present of Wong Chuk Hang

The area near Shouson Hill in the eastern part of Wong Chuk Hang was once the location of Hong Kong Wai or Hong Kong Village, which is considered to be the origin of the name of this international city. My grandparents used to live and work nearby. However, most of the original village as well as their farms had been demolished by the Government and now only a small part of it called Wong Chuk Hang San Wai remains there.

To learn a bit more about the past and the transformation of Wong Chuk Hang, click here. To discover the new changes, like art galleries, fashion studios, restaurants and cafes, click here.

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